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09 January 2010
whats upppp??
hola ppl, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!

its been a long time since my last post. hehe here's just a short updates whats been going on.

1. start working at my new school, so far so gooodd.. hehe

2. love my students *for now* hahaha

3. got myself new BF haha new DSLR camera. hehe

4. loving every moment spent wif him.

5. *got nothing to tell*

haha yeah basically everything is still the same.

im off. waiting kan jalan shoppingg~ hehe

WiTh , LeNg

15 November 2009
New Beginning
On 11th November, i receive an unexpected letter... it says "Bertukar Tempat Bertugas" i was like.. erks whyyyyyy.. not nowwww

Feel so sad that i have to leave all the fellow teachers who i begin to attach. My students. My classroom. A year, my time there was too short. hehs. i even already made my plan for 2010. Ohh my..

16th November, i will report to my new school.. its my new beginning, new chapter of my story. Hope everything went smoothly..

Would like to say thank you to all teachers at SRBM for everything! all the helpful advices, thanks for helping me went thru my 1st year of teaching, helping me here and there. There was still alot of stuff that i need to learn form you guys.. Thanks for the great time, the laughter, its been a great 1 year for me. i will always remember this. Lastly i would like to apologize if i did something wrong.

WiTh , LeNg

06 September 2009
yesss holidaysss is coming~~ nyahahaa

WiTh , LeNg

30 July 2009
ic3~ wow
ola.. its been awhile.. hee now im busy with my ic3 course which just started last 29th July till 19th August.. heehs~

the first day was ok~ im alone.. haha my 2 colleague MIA.. bla bla bla.. then after the bengkel i decided to round2 the gadong area.. since my ic3 take place at gdg area jua.. huhu shopping time~~

Then Love decided to meetup d gdg *aww sweet haha*.. we jln2 menyukat gdg.. den qlap.. hahaha! fun time~

the next day, me ic3'ing wif one of my colleague.. the other one is still MIA.. hahaha abis bengkel tarus balik.. coz ngaleh udah..

Tommorow lagi.. hmm Asma told me ada perjumpaan for Pra bahasa melayu.. mana satu tah kan d aga ni.. haha just leave this for tomorrow

now~ i wana go shopping wif love~ weee


WiTh , LeNg

25 June 2009

do u miss me? hahaha~ here some short update.. what i've been doing lately..

15-22 june- school holiday but i still have to come to work~ daily paid bh.. hmpf!

22-28- holiday~ hahaha i cuti tanpa gaji for three days :wed.thus n sat:

25th june- went to mall to watch TRANSFOMER: THE REVENGE OF THE FALLEN.. it was fun movie.. . i think i will watch it again.. LOL!

28th june- will go out wif my luvly cuzzyys~

for now got lots of things to do.. like my students record books, lesson plan for next week, abm for nxt week.. bla bla bla.. and ASSESMENT! hahaha baru tah kan buat =s

what else ah at my to do list?


WiTh , LeNg

31 May 2009
This and That

i wana pimp my ride~ haha

i wana buy new lenses for my nikon

i wana buy lots n lots of cute shoes...

i wana buy whatever i want~ gagaga

i wana go on vacation~

i wana buy new gadget.. new hp? new lappy? projector? hahaha

i wana buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *thinking*

i wantt............................. *thinking*



WiTh , LeNg

16 May 2009
Party UP~
yehuuuu... this week was my 'bjaur' week.. LOL.. why??

* MONDAY - after work, went to hospital, to take me medical check result.. then bought sum

*TUESDAY - went to SPA, ntar me medical check, then jalan2 tarus.. eat dimsum.. yum2

*WEDNESDAY - after stay back, jalan again to tutong, to buy sum stuff.. heh

*THURSDAY - the night. me went to lepak at someone's house haha

*FRIDAY - my lil road trip to KB..

* SATURDAY - went to tutong again.. ask for me TAP account.no

*SUNDAY - me want to jalan2~ kmana ye.. kekeke

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